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3 + 1 DAYS






USD 750


  • In active pilotage and SIV course, it is aimed that pilots gain the necessary skills for piloting and handling emergencies. At the beginning of this course, 2 theoretical lessons are given, Flight Technique and Emergency Situations. A short briefing is held before each flight. Debriefing is performed every evening with flight videos.

  • All maneuvers within the course are individually designed according to the personal experience, progress and comfort of the pilots. The maneuvers trained in this course:

    Active pilotage techniques
    › Turn controls (weight-shifting, 360 turns, 8 turns, dynamic turns)
    › Pitch control

    Rapid descent techniques
    › Big ears and big big ears (in normal and accelerated flight)
    › B line stall
    › Spiral

    SIV maneuvers
    › Asymmetric collapse (in normal and accelerated flight)
    › Frontal collapse (in normal and accelerated flight)
    › Dynamic collapse and auto-rotation
    › Search for min speed/full stall point
    › Full stall and slow exit
    › Full stall and fly back exit
    › Dynamic stall
    › Search for spin point
    › Spin and fast exit
    › Spin and fly back exit
    › Search for deep stall point
    › Deep stall and exit

    Acro basics
    › Wingover
    › Asymmetric 360
    › Loop
    › SAT
    › Helico

    • We use one of the launch sites in Babadağ (1200 m, 1700 m, 1800 m and 1900 m) according to meteorological conditions.

    • In active pilotage and SIV course, a total of 7 flights are made. Course takes 3 days. In addition, 1 day is determined as a reserve day. If flights cannot be completed due to meteorological conditions, the reserve day is also used.

    • In this course, pilots use their own flight equipment. The life jacket and waterproof cover for the radio are provided by us. If needed, the radio can be rented.

    • During the flights, a safety boat is kept ready at sea.

    • All flights are recorded in full HD. These videos are used for debriefings at the end of the day and delivered to the pilots at the end of the training.

    • Travel and accommodation expenses, transportation to launch sites, insurance and Babadağ entrance fee are not included in the course.


    • Pilots who want to develop a natural feel with their wings and gain real confidence flying in all sorts of conditions.

    • First timers are always welcomed as well as regular SIV flyers. But we’re also experts of high aspect ratio wings. So if you’re a veteran and still want to learn modern techniques to handle your two liner, you are very welcomed too.

    • If you want to extend your trip in Turkey, please take a look at our Thermal & XC Course that is done in record breaking sites of Southwestern Turkey.


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