Ready to up your paragliding game? Dive into our SIV & XC Clinics in Ölüdeniz and Çameli. Master active flying and fly your personal best with us guiding you every step of the way.


Çameli is one of the most consistent comp venues in the world. Being a proud partner of PWCA, we’ll host Paragliding World Cup in Çameli. Save the date: Aug 3-10, 2024.


Gear up for your next adventure! We are the proud distributor of Gin Gliders. Be it the wing of your dreams or the harness in your wish list, we have a good match for your skills and needs.

Paragliding for all.

All for paragliding.

“Besides being one of the youngest free flight disciplines, paragliding is also an outdoor sport that attracts more and more people every year. Paragliding pilots must have knowledge and experience of both aviation and nature, which is the playground of this sport. When the technical requirements of sports are added to these, a multi-layered training process is inevitable.

Dora Göksal, one of Turkey’s leading paragliding pilots and a national athlete, authors a comprehensive source for paragliding as an instructor and a pilot. Paragliding: Theory, Game, Experience is beyond an ordinary textbook; it is a complete guide that aims to enable pilots of all levels to fly more safely and with pleasure.

From the press release…


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