XC Clinics 2024 – Çameli, Turkey


This is a 7-Day XC clinic in Çameli, Turkey with a 3-to-1 pilot instructor ratio. The instructors are not only expert XC and comp pilots, but also the most experienced local guides to the area.

The skills to be achieved in this clinic:

  • Understanding take off timing and thermal cycles
  • Entering and coring thermals
  • Gliding after the last thermal and finding the next one
  • Understanding meteorology and planning XC accordingly
  • Flying XC within given course
  • Speed-to-fly theory
  • Learning to make the most out of flight electronics
  • Understanding the basics of competition flying

You can check out the previous flights we made in Çameli on XContest!


XC Clinic 1: 29.04.2024 – 05.05.2024

XC Clinic 2: 20.05.2024 – 26.05.2024


If you have a specific timeframe that is not currently listed, please get in touch with us, as we may be able to arrange additional dates to accommodate your needs.

The price is 950 Euro and payments are in Turkish Lira (legal requirement). It’s being updated as exchange rates change. All major credit cards are accepted. 

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The goal for this clinic is to improve your skills in XC by maximizing your time in the air and receiving guidance and feedback from experienced instructors. We will help you analyze your flights and identify areas where you can improve, as well as provide tips and strategies for maximizing your efficiency and minimizing mistakes.

In addition to personal flight analysis, group feedback is very motivating and can help you learn from the experiences of others. Since we have a 3-to-1 guide to pilot ratio, and having 6 pilots in the clinic you’ll benefit a lot from this small group flying experience.

Overall, with a clear goal in mind and a strong focus on improving your skills, this clinic has the potential to be a very rewarding and educational experience for you as a keen XC pilot.

Our ultimate goal as Condor Air Sports is to make you fly your personal best during this clinic!


Pilot level

This clinic is for autonomous pilots who have a solid foundation in the basics of thermal flying. In addition to having a minimum level of qualification, it’s also ideal for pilots who have had XC flying experience before and want to progress in a safe, reliable and guided conditions.


The flying site(s)

We have a lot of great options for XC flying in Turkey! Çameli, as the main XC site in the southwest (just 90 min drive away from Ölüdeniz), offers a wide range of XC routes and is known for its reliable thermals and consistent conditions. All the current national records for free distance, FAI triangle, and flat triangle have been broken in Çameli! This is a testament to the quality of the flying conditions in this area!

Depending on the weather, other nearby sites such as Çökelez, Pamukkale, and Nikfer in the north, Seki and Elmalı in the east, and Babadağ, Akdağ, and Sinekçibel in the south may also offer great flying opportunities. Each of these locations offers unique flying conditions and scenic views, which can make for an exciting and diverse paragliding experience. We keep an eye on weather conditions and decide to get a sense of which sites are best for flying on a given day.

Exploring different flying locations can also help you develop your paragliding skills by exposing you to different types of terrain and weather conditions. This can help you become a more well-rounded and versatile pilot.

Overall, you have an exciting paragliding adventure ahead of you with plenty of beautiful spots to choose from!



Condor Air Sports Paragliding School has a in-house hostel with bunk beds for up to 10 people, and that it’s offered free of charge for pilots attending the clinic. This is a great option for pilots who are looking to keep their costs down and who want to be close to the action.

For pilots who are looking for a more luxurious and comfortable stay, the Stone Lodges Hotel, which is located right next to the school, offers private rooms that are available for those who want more privacy or who are looking to share a room with a friend or partner.

The hotel also has a pool and Turkish bath that is open to all participants of the clinic. It’s a great way to unwind and relax after a long day of flying.

Please inform us about your choice of accommodation during your booking.


What to bring?

In this course, pilots use their own flight equipment. Some of the equipments (radio, gps etc.) can be rented, if notified in advance. Here’s a summary of what is required and recommended during this clinic:


  • Passport (you may need Visa for entering Turkey, please check https://www.evisa.gov.tr/tr/)
  • Insurance
  • Gloves and layers of clothing (cloud base may get pretty cold even in summer)
  • GPS/vario
  • Radio (144-147)
  • Cellphone (we can help you get a Turkish sim card)


  • Sunscreen and sunglasses
  • Hat
  • GoPro


Getting there

We can arrange a pickup for you from the nearest international airport in Dalaman, as well as from Denizli and Antalya airports, if informed in advance. Fees will apply for this service, so please ask during your booking. You can also rent a car from all these airports. It takes 2 to 3 hours from all to Çameli.


The course fee includes:

  • Expert instruction
  • Morning briefings
  • Launch assistance
  • In-flight radio guiding
  • Debriefs with tracklog analysis
  • Accommodation in our hostel
  • Transportation to take off
  • Retrieval


The course fee does not cover:

  • Insurance
  • Airport transfers
  • Food
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