The school reserves the right to cancel a course at any time. If a course is cancelled by the school participants are eligible to sit another course at a later date at no extra charge. The school will not be held responsible for transport, accommodation, insurance or any other costs that participants incur in the event of a course being cancelled before it is due to start. Participants who cancel their course less than 4 weeks before the start of the course and want to rebook will have to pay a USD250 cancellation fee.



All participants must have their own comprehensive Accident Insurance cover for the duration of their course with the school. All participants must have their own Repatriation Insurance cover for the duration of their course with the school for courses overseas.



All participants of a Paramotoring and Paragliding course are liable for a USD500 excess per incident on equipment damage that he/she may cause whilst on the course. In effect, the Participant will only be liable for a maximum payment of USD500 for all damage that he/she causes per incident to equipment belonging to the school. Please note that the average cost of a propeller is USD250. IF A STUDENT BRAKES A PROPELLER, RIPS A WING OR CAUSES ANY OTHER DAMAGE TO THE SCHOOL’S EQUIPMENT THEN THEY WILL BE CHARGED UP TO USD500.



Course deposits are non refundable. Equipment deposits are also non refundable unless the school is responsible for canceling the order. Refunds will not be given to participants who cancel their course within 8 weeks of the start of their course. Having started the course students will only be refunded if the school is responsible for canceling the course. The amount refunded depends upon the number of training days that have been completed and a full day of training is valued at USD100 a day. Participants will be refunded through monthly repayments until the debt has been repaid. The school will not refund participants who decide to no longer sit the course having already started their training nor will refunds be given in the event of bad weather. Any days lost to bad weather are valued at USD50 for half a day and USD100 for a full day and can be discounted when booking another course. The school reserves the right to refuse instruction to participants and to not refund their remaining course fee. The school is also not responsible for refunding customers who book a course through the school which is run by a 3rd party. Having completed the payment of the course fee the customer has a total of 2 years to complete the course, after this time the course is no longer valid.



The school reserves the right to refuse instruction. In the interests of safety participants must accept that the instructor’s word is final and obey all rules and regulations as instructed to them throughout the course. All equipment must be treated with respect and looked after as instructed. Drinking alcohol during the day is strictly prohibited whilst participating in these sports and participants must stop drinking at least 10 hours before the start of the day’s training. All participants must refrain from taking any illegal or performance inhibiting drug for the duration of the course. Participants must not smoke when in the immediate vicinity of Paragliding and Paramotoring equipment. Paragliding and Paramotoring are strenuous physical and mental activities. All participants must agree to make the school aware, before starting the course, of any personal medical or physical conditions that may put them at an increased risk of injury or death whilst under instruction. All participants thus declare that they are medically and physically capable of sitting a course with the school.



The school requests the right to capture footage and photos of each student in connection to their training course and use this content, with or without their name, for the purpose of training, safety and publicity.